3-D Noughts and Crosses
Play 3-D noughts and crosses on a 4x4x4 board.

Angle Tangle
Remove the rope from the interlocking hoops.

Black Pyramid
Stack the four shapes to make a pyramid.

Boil the Cauldron
Can you suspend the cauldron over the fire using just three supports?

Circle, Square, Triangle Puzzle
What shape will pass through a circular, a square and a triangular hole, without leaving any gaps as it passes through?

An interlocking shape puzzle.

Colour Maze
A large (4 metre square) floor maze.

Cooks Conundrum
Make an model cooker work with only two switches and some wire.

Down the Wires
A puzzle conveyor belt. Simply move the disc down the wires - but it is trickier than it seems.

Giant Soma Cube
Make a 1.5 metre high cube from the shapes.

Great Escapes Puzzles
A set of topological rope/shape puzzles.

Horse and Rider
Match the horse with its rider.

Impossible Dovetail
This interlocking puzzle looks impossible from the outside

Interlocking Wires
A set of interlocking wire puzzles.

Leprechaun Puzzle
Count the leprechauns, move the picture around and count again. Where has that leprechaun gone?

Loose Joints
Match the skeletal joint models - knee, elbow and hip - to their x-rays.

Magic Square
Place numbers in a square so that all rows and columns add up to the same number

Match the Dragons
A shape matching puzzle.

Matchstick Puzzles
Move the matchsticks to make a shape.

Mixed-up Lizard
A sliding squares puzzle.

Peasants' Portal
A puzzle lock and key based on an ancient Egyptian lock.

Puzzle shapes made of arrangements of 5 squares. The task is to link them to make other shapes.

Rats in the Gutter
A 'shunting' puzzle. can you jump the teams of rats over each other to get them through the drainpipe?

Round the World
Complete a journey from point to point, without crossing over. Based on Hamiltonian Circuits.

Sense of Touch (Feely Box)
Can you tell what is in the box using sense of touch only?

Snake in a Circle
Match the pieces to make a snake with its head in its mouth.

The ancient puzzle based on division of a square.

Three Circles
Three interlocking shapes make a circle - can you find out how?

Tower of Hanoi
The famous stacking puzzle - also known as the Tower of Brahma. Move a tower of discs to another place using only one other stacking place, and following the rule that a larger disc should not stack on a smaller.

Triangle on a Rope
A topological puzzle.

Two-Way Switch
How does a two-way switch work?

Unloop the Loop
A topological rope and ring puzzle.

What's in the Box?
Try to work out the shape of a maze hidden in a box using only the clues you get by rolling a ball around inside the maze.

Wooden Cluster
Six wooden puzzle pieces are linked together - can you get them apart?

Wooden Knot
Three wooden puzzle pieces linked together, can you unknot them?

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