Contacting the Exploratory

The Exploratory is closed and the company and charity involved have been wound up. It no longer has a staff to deal with enquiries. We regret therefore that we cannot answer all questions sent to us.

Please read the following list of frequently-asked questions before contacting us.

If you need to contact us, please read this FAQ first, as your question may have been answered.

Frequently-asked questions

Can I visit the Exploratory / find out prices / get a map of your location? Can I visit with a school group?
The Exploratory is permanently closed. This website is an archive of its work. You can visit a similar centre in Bristol called Explore at-Bristol: www.at-bristol.org.uk

Is there something similar to The Exploratory in Bristol?
Try Explore at-Bristol: www.at-bristol.org.uk

I'd like to volunteer / do work experience / get a summer job / apply for a job at your centre
The Exploratory is closed and so does not take volunteers, offer any placements or employ staff. If you are looking for work in Bristol, you could try Explore at-Bristol: www.at-bristol.org.uk
If you are looking to work in science centres in the UK, try the list at: www.ecsite-uk.net/centres or the ECSITE-UK Job Bank www.ecsite-uk.net/jobs

What is the answer to the circle, square, triangle hole puzzle?
Imagine a cylinder cut so that it has a top like a roof-shape. (like a small baked bean can with two sides shaved off like a pyramid). The round of the cylinder is the circle, the side-on view of the can is square. The 'roof' cut makes the triangle. It might be called a bi-truncated right cylinder. Here is a picture of the answer.

Where can I get distorting mirrors / large mirrors?
We used a 3mm acrylic mirror. This is available from a major plastics stockists (try Yellow Pages). IKEA do a set of distorting mirrors for children (or used to). If you are looking for high safety and class-one fire retardance, you will want to use a polished stainless steel - again try Yellow Pages. Femco designs (01322 383217) produce the security mirrors for London Underground using steel. We hope these are enough pointers.

We have a product from your shop and have a question about it. We obtained your sea monkey kit and need information about it.
The Exploratory Science Centre closed in 1999. If you bought the kit from the centre then, I am afraid there is no one left who can answer your enquiry.
If you are confusing us with Explore at-Bristol, try their website at: www.at-bristol.org.uk
If this is not the case, you could try the following website www.seamonkeyworship.com/faq.htm

Can you send me information about the games and illusion products you show on your website?
The site is an on-line museum - the Exploratory Centre is now closed. We don't have anything to send to you.

We're doing a research about your centre and we were wondering if you would mind sending us some information?
All the information available is on this website. The Exploratory is closed now.

Who designed and built the exhibits in the Exploratory?
The exhibits were built by an in-house team.

Can you build / hire us an exhibit?
Unfortunately, as the Exploratory has closed, it cannot fabricate exhibits. You may like to try contacting another exhibit fabricator in the UK. These can be found through the following website: www.big.uk.com/services

Is it possible to use some of the illusions from your website?
Possibly - please contact us, explaining your proposed use and requirements.

Can I use text and photos from the website?
If you could send us a summary of your book's contents and the publisher's name, we can consider your request. Please do not copy any of our copyright material until we have authorised it.

Why did The Exploratory close in 1999?
The Exploratory was replaced by Explore at-Bristol (www.at-bristol.org.uk) which received Millennium Fund lottery money to build a new centre. The timing of the Exploratory closure (1999) was dictated by financial considerations (it was not possible to fund it once the 'new' was in preparation).

I want to contact someone who used to work at The Exploratory or who was a Trustee
Sorry, we cannot forward any mail to individuals.

I have a problem viewing your website
Please contact us, sending details of the problem, your operating system (eg Windows 98), your browser program (eg Internet Explorer) and how you conect to the Internet (modem, cable / ADSL, office network).

If you need to contact us, please e-mail us at this address
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