Thanks and acknowledgements

The Exploratory was created by too many people to acknowledge all, but special mention must go to those at the beginning - who gave of their time and effort with the utmost generosity.

The first Trustees were:

Professor Richard Gregory CBE FRS - Chairman from 1981 - 1993
George Ferguson - Chairman from 1993 - 1999

Craig Begg
Mrs Stella Clarke CBE JP
Christopher Curtis
Dr David Davies
Professor David Dineley
Dr Priscilla Heard
Mike Morgan
Anthony Tomei

The initial funding for the first activities and creation of the permanent exhibition was given by The Nuffield Foundation. Funding for the first (temporary) exhibition, at the British Association in 1984, was given by David (now Lord) Sainsbury.

The success of the venture depended on the dedication and maintained enthusiasm of the 'Pilots' who explained the science, and succeeded in making so many of the public exploratory.


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